The customer requirements and design based on our expertise.
Mold design and production:
Production, mold designing quality characteristics according to the production.
Pressed into the wax mold.
Testing and modifies model wax, wax models to assemble and create a tree.
Sanding Coating:
Coating, we sanding, repeat this process several times to dry and create a template that you request.
Skinny type:
To destroy the mold, remove the castings, sand down do.
The molten metal poured into a mold of high temperature firing specified.
The firing period of time by heating the mold into the oven baking.
De Row:
Causes leaching into the autoclave wax-coated tree.
Cutting machine to cut the sprue.
Polishing and finishing products pouring gate.
Shot process:
Process the request of surface quality surface.
Fixed Inspection:
Strict inspection and quality requirements for the product until you are satisfied, make the correction.