Services provided on this site (the "Service" and abbreviated), the use of this service will be "you" respect the privacy of your information will be provided (the "Personal Information" and abbreviated) We pay close attention to management.

[ Personal Information ]

Personal information is information that was personal, such information includes name, description or date of birth, with the numbers of individual fragments, or other symbols, such personally identifiable information by voice or image It is. Such information can not only identify, that made comparisons with other information, including personally identifiable information such by it.
[Reference] Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Q 15001:1999

[ Collection of Personal Information ]

This service will collect personal information from you in the following cases.
-If you provide personal information when you use this service

[ Use of Personal Information area ]

This service, and to use personal information for the following purposes, if you want to use personal information for purposes other than those in the individual and obtain consent from you.
-Information, etc. by the Service (including products) to deliver or send

[ Management of personal information ]

This service, I shall manage the personal information severely at the place that the third person cannot read, and there cannot be the thing that I offer it to the third person. But I will assume it an exception in the case of the next.
-When it was demanded disclosure about the personal information of the visitor based on a law by a court of law, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the police, the lawyer's association

[ Correction of personal information removed ]

In this service, if required to disclose correct or delete your personal information is registered, on the site "Contact Us" button or please use email.
I will cope in confirming that it is a visitor. But when it is judged that a hindrance is reflected on this service in the deletion, there is the thing that I postpone it till it is judged when a hindrance does not appear.